FAFIA is an alliance of equality-seeking organizations committed to making international agreements on women’s human rights a reality in women’s everyday lives in Canada.

FAFIA provides a forum for women from across Canada and Quebec to work together to ensure a better quality of life for all women in Canada. FAFIA engages in a number of activities with its members to realize this goal, including:

  • providing training and resources on women’s human rights instruments;
  • helping women to engage directly in using those instruments to address inequalities in their lives;
  • providing training and resources on gender budgeting;
  • supporting women in engaging with budget planning processes at the regional and national level;
  • bringing women together to share best practices and develop recommendations for better policy and programming on issues related to women’s equality;
  • advocating for the full implementation of the women’s human rights norms to which Canada is signatory;
  • engaging in policy dialogue on issues related to women’s equality and well-being, including on violence against women, economic and social rights, child care and early childhood education, Aboriginal rights, and disability rights.

FAFIA’s membership spans a diverse array of organizations ranging from research institutes to service providers. FAFIA’s membership is also regionally diverse, with members from 10 Provinces and Territories, as well as many national member organizations.

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