The Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Actions (FAFIA) and Dr. Pamela Palmater filed briefs on May 6 with the Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples (APPA) that is studying Bill S-3 and sex discrimination in the Indian Act. These briefs provide follow-up information to the testimony of Sharon McIvor, Dr. Pamela Palmater, and Shelagh Day at the Senate Committee’s hearing on March 28, 2022. A recording of the APPA meeting is available here.

The first brief provides a summary of the ways in which sex discrimination is not eliminated from the Indian Act de facto (in fact) or dejure (in law). You can read that brief here.

During the March 28th APPA meeting, Senator Dan Christmas asked a question regarding section 6(2) of the Indian Act, and Pamela Palmater replied. This second brief expands on that exchange, providing background and a recommended remedy for the continuing harms caused by section 6(2). “The Second Generation Cut-off.” You can read that brief here.